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Code for climate is a non-profit community working to solve climate challenge by ICT. Legally based in France (association loi 1901) our team is composed of coders and environmental activist with business, United Nations and NGOs strong experiences. Joining activists, coders, designers, marketers, we want to creat opportunities for new models of volunteerism, business, events and open sources projects for climate.

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What's climathon?

 Hackathon about

Climathon is new model of event created by « Code for climate » combining hackathon events models and environment activist events models to creat during 2 days possibility to fight climate change using ICT, non-profit marketing and entrepreneurship spirit.

We want to inspire the maximum of people around the world to organize events to brainstorm, build project teams, create prototype and stay motivate to continue realizing a marketable, shareable, useable tool.

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Climate change is our ICT challenge

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